Toxic Coworkers – How To Deal With Dysfunctional People On The Job


Working With Narcissists, Borderlines, Sociopaths, Schizoids, And Others

Author: Alan A. Cavaiola, PhD and Neil J. Lavender, PhD

We’ve all worked with someone “difficult,” someone who could always be trusted to blow up to space out or do or say something wildly inappropriate.   As it happens, those of us who concluded “the guy’s just nuts” were right: a fair number of those impossible-to-get-along-with employees actually do have full-fledged personality disorders.

In Toxic Coworkers,  the authors help us to recognize a variety of common personality traits and disorders, understand how they come about, and learn to develop effective strategies for dealing with them.   So the next time the narcissist who runs the front desk is bugging you, or you need to squeeze a favor out of the schizoid who handles inventory, you’ll know exactly what to do.

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