The Dating Repair Kit


How To Have A Fabulous Love Life
Authors: Marni Kamins and Janice MacLeod

The Dating Repair Kit  is for women who think that all they need to have a good love life is a good boyfriend.  Or that they’ll be different when they meet the right guy.  Or all the guys they meet are dorks who don’t live up to first expectations.  But really what everybody needs to do to have a great love life is simple – love their own life first.

This Informative Book:

  • Deals with how you can set the scene for a great love life by keeping the focus on yourself.
  • Shows you the spiritual aspects of life such as letting things happen that are beyond your control and knowing good will come from a full and focused life.
  • Offers advice from women who already have a successful love life and shares comforting, realistic ways to find your own happiness.

Kamins and Macleod lace wisdom, personal experience, sex tips, fun pampering projects, and recipes in a concise and compact book that readers will want to refer to again and again.