The Need To Please


Mindfulness Skills To Gain Freedom From People Pleasing And Approval Seeking

Author: Micki Fine, MEd, LPC

Do you have a hard time saying no to others, no matter how outrageous their requests?   If so, you might be a chronic people-pleaser.   Unfortunately, because we live in a society that praises putting the needs of others before ourselves, it can be difficult to break this bad habit. And while thinking of others is always commendable, there is a fine line between sacrifice and senseless approval seeking.

In The Need To Please,  a leading mindfulness expert and psychotherapist provides compassionate, mindfulness-based techniques that will help chronic people-pleasers like you address and overcome your fears of failure, inappropriate self-sacrificing, loss of personal identity, and voracious need of approval.   In addition, you will learn to put an end to the codependent behaviors that lie at the heart of being a people-pleaser.

Change is hard ― especially when it means going against years of social conditioning.   But if you’re ready to “Just Say No,”  to others’ demands and start saying, “Yes” to your own needs, this book can help.

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