The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober


Author: Catherine Gray

Discover a happy, healthy, wealthy alcohol-free life!

Ever sworn off alcohol for a month and found yourself drinking by the 7th?   Think there’s ‘no point’ in just one drink? Welcome!   There are millions of us.

Catherine Gray was stuck in a hellish whirligig of “Drink, Make horrible decisions, Hangover, Repeat.”   She had her fair share of ‘drunk tank’ jail cells and topless-in-a-hot-tub misadventures.

But this book goes beyond the binges and blackouts to deep-dive into uncharted territory:   What happens after you quit drinking?   This gripping, heart-breaking and witty book takes us down the rabbit-hole of an alternative reality.   A life with zero hangovers, through sober weddings, sex, holidays and breakups.

In The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober,    Catherine Gray shines a light on society’s drink-pushing and talks to top neuroscientists and psychologists about why we drink, delving into the science behind what it does to our brains and bodies.

Much more than a tale from the netherworld of addicted drinking, this book is about the escape, and why a sober life can be more intoxicating than you ever imagined.  Whether you’re a hopelessly devoted drinker, merely sober-curious, or you’ve already ditched the drink, you will love this book.

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