Understanding Bipolar Disorder and Addiction


Part of Hazelden’s Co-occurring Disorders Series
Revised Edition
Author: Jody N.

This brief, easy-to-read pamphlet provides information on a variety of topics related to bipolar disorder and addiction, treatment, and recovery.

Excerpt from the Introduction:
“While chemical dependency is better understood today, many people still have little or no understanding of other diseases of the brain, such as bipolar disorder.  Bipolar disorder is one of the affective disorders, that is, it manifests itself with in our emotions, thoughts, and actions.  With bipolar disorder we can experience either extreme “highs” or “lows” in mood.  When these mood swings cause us to behave strangely, threateningly, or bizarrely, the illness has gotten out of hand.  With unipolar disorder we experience either depression or mania but not both.”

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