What, Why, How: Answers To Your Questions About Buddhism


Answers to Your Questions About Buddhism, Meditation, and Living Mindfully 

Author: Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Everything you ever wanted to know but never had a chance to ask about meditation and Buddhist spiritual practice, from one of the greatest mindfulness teachers of our time and the author of the bestselling book Mindfulness in Plain English.

  • How can I fit meditation into my busy life?
  • How should I understand karma and rebirth?
  • Is enlightenment even possible for me?

Sound familiar?  If you’ve ever meditated or studied Buddhism, you may have found yourself asking these questions and many more.  Here’s the good news: there are answers, and you’ll find them all in this book.   Imagine that you could sit down with one of Buddhism’s most accomplished and plainspoken teachers and imagine that he patiently agreed to answer any question you had about meditation, living mindfully, and key Buddhist concepts even the myriad brilliant questions you’ve never thought to ask!

What, Why, How  condenses into one volume a half-century of Bhante G.’s wise answers to common questions about the Buddha’s core teachings on meditation and spiritual practice. With his kind and clear guidance, you’ll gain simple yet powerful insights and practices to end unhealthy patterns and habits so that you can transform your experience of the world – from your own mind to your relationships, your job, and beyond.

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