30-Minute Therapy For Anxiety


Everything You Need To Know In The Least Amount Of Time

Authors: Matthew McKay, PhD & Troy DuFrene

If your anxiety is getting in the way of living a normal life, you need help now, rather than later.   What if you could dramatically improve your anxiety symptoms in just thirty minutes?   In 30-Minute Therapy for Anxiety,  you’ll discover proven anxiety-busting strategies and put them into practice right away so that you can feel calm and in control, even in the most stressful situations.   This set of skills will help you manage worries, panic attacks, fears, and phobias whenever they show up so you can enjoy a fuller and freer life.

Read just one or all three parts of this book and:

  • Get the basics.   Learn what you need to know to quickly get anxiety under control in the first section of each chapter.
  • Gain a deeper understanding.   Take it further and read the second section of each chapter for skills that will help you make lasting changes.
  • Then, go online to practice your skills.   Log on to find more exercises available online exclusively for 30-Minute Therapy for Anxiety  readers.
  • This quick and easy-to-read to anxiety treatment offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness and acceptance strategies to help you get back to living your life ― without anxiety taking over.

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