A Look At Relapse


A Look at Relapse
Author: Charles W. Crewe

“Because relapse is not unusual in recovery, it is a good idea to spend some quality time thinking about relapse and what we can do to strengthen our recovery.  Any one of us is at risk for relapse. Hence we need to pay attention to the warning signs, especially when things are going well, because more of us relapse when things seem to be going well than when things are not. When we can recognize the warning signs described in this pamphlet, when we can avoid complacency, when we fully appreciate the value of Alcoholics Anonymous and aftercare, our chances of a relapse-free recovery are much improved”

For more than sixty years, Hazelden has been supporting people in the lifelong journey of recovery. The pamphlets in this series extend the offering of hope and guidance by exploring core issues that often arise in the later stages of recovery – issues that can tip the balance between continued growth and relapse.


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