A Pathway To Emotional Sobriety And How To Get It


The Life Changing Magic of Feeling the Moment and Being Yourself

Author: Craig Hutson

Years of sobriety means you never quite thinking about how to grow.   It means a continuous process of working through your doubts and facing your fears.   True sobriety really does show up as serenity and a soundness of mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

The guidance of Martial Arts teaches the disciplines necessary to become the best possible version of ourselves.   Each tenet of the martial arts and the character traits which are necessary for strong character development are found in this book along with words used to describe the virtues that help one practice sobriety and lead a happier, more fulfilled life.   Written by a martial artist and long-time practitioner of the Twelve Steps, this book gives you strategies and ideas which will help you in your own personal journey towards sobriety and wellness.

Sponsors who have themselves effectively studied and applied Steps Six and Seven of the Twelve Steps will understand the value of this book.   Emotional Sobriety  will guide you through this most vital phase in a sponsor’s journey of personal growth and change utilizing the Twelve Steps.

The goal is to help you reach a more powerful understanding of sobriety, common sense, and the life principles and practices that will help guide serenity and empower you to not only live happier and healthier, but also to lead a life that is in service to others.