Anger Management: Keep Your Cool


Secrets to Staying Calm and Collected in Difficult, Challenging, and Triggering Situations

Author: Luke Blake

Anger is a malignant force and highly infectious.   Your anger will not only eat you from within but also inflame your surroundings.   A person with a short temperament and volcanic nature is always a burden for others.   Even within the family, a safe distance is maintained from such people as an escape is not an option.

Anger may be a short term reaction to any problem or situation but it has a far-reaching impact emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and biologically.   You must understand that anger cannot be a part of the character of a person and expressed without reason.   However, most of the time, the expression of anger is unreasonable, disproportionate, and undesirable.

In KEEP YOUR COOL,  You Will Learn:

  • How To Know and Understand Your Anger
  • The Physiology and Psychology of Anger
  • Why Anger Management Is So Important
  • Impact of Anger on Mentality, Emotions, and Spirituality
  • Dangers of Ignoring Anger Management
  • Correct Assessment of Your Anger Issues
  • Understanding Simple Ways to Manage Anger
  • Mindfulness and Anger Management
  • The Way to Seek Happiness, Inculcate Compassion, Gain Control of Emotions, and Channelize Anger Positively


  • Mindfulness – the Practice of Being Aware
  • Four Important Principles in Mindfulness
  • 8-Week Anger Alleviation Plan
  • Learning to Sense and Feel to Become Aware
  • Meditations and Exercises
  • Learning to Recognize Negative Thoughts and Mindful Walking
  • Allowing Things to Be – Without Reacting Impulsively
  • Learn to Be Kind to Yourself and Others


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