Anger Management: 10 Step Guide


To Master Your Emotions And Take Control Of Your Life Again 
(Strategies to Master Your Anger and Stress in 3 weeks)

Author: Simon Grant

The number of people suffering from chronic stress and anger is now reaching epidemic proportions.   Violence in the workplace and incidents of road rage are no longer uncommon events.   It is no coincidence that competition in the job market, escalating child-care, and the ever-increasing challenge to survive until the next payday is leaving people stressed out, worn out, and sick.

This comprehensive guide provides you with a fist full of easy to manage strategies to master your anger and stress in just three weeks, arming you with the coping skills to free your life of worry and simmering rage.   Written in a jargon-free empathic style, each chapter offers realistic tips and advice to make your life stress-free and productive.

All that is asked of you is that you are honest and open-minded about the areas and issues in your life that cause you the most anger and anxiety, as you proceed with each strategy.   You will learn how to recognize the triggers that set you off and how to conquer your negative thoughts of hostility and rage.

Every chapter is packed full of useful insights into why you have become accustomed to living with anger.   You can begin right now to change the way you view your world, turning negative brain patterns into positive insights into how to live a calm, productive life.   You will master your destructive outbursts of anger, and quell that churning anxiety that never seems to go away.   This is the must-have guide to becoming the best version of yourself.

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