Anger Management: Simple Hacks


…To Control Your Anger And Manage Your Temper

Author: Robert S. Lee

Improve Your Overall Mood, Relationships And Quality of Life!

Have you ever felt deep regret after making a decision that was fueled by anger and other negative emotions?   Anger issues are unavoidable: almost every person will suffer some form of anger management issues at some stage in their life.    Overt forms of rage are not the only way anger issues present themselves; subtle forms of frustration can be equally as damaging in the long run.  However, most aren’t equipped with the right mental tools and methods to help pinpoint the underlying reasons for their issues or spot the triggers which set them off.

In this practical guide, readers will know how to:

  • Put a magnifying glass over the true causes of your anger.
  • Identify the most common effects of these prejudicial factors
  • Take responsibility and effectively manage your own emotions.

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