Big Book Study Workshop Workbook


19 Week Big Book Workshop Workbook

An Active Journey Through the 12 Steps

Authors: Joe McQ. & Charlie P, Joe H. & Don P.

The best Big Book workshop workbook available anywhere today is right here in your hands.   This time you and your group are going to be taken through the Big Book as thorough as Joe & Charlie , Joe H. and Don P. did in the days of the old.

This workbook and workshop format helps to systematically lead you and your group through all 12 steps thoroughly trying to create such an experience within you that you feel a spiritual shift occur in your being.   The sole purpose of this is book is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and to our fellows.

We feel that we are doing such a service by presenting to you this material.   You only need go through it and then share this process with others who would care so much as to have it.   We pray there are many, because we see there are many who need it.   So our advice can only be to go through this as thoroughly as you will need in order to prepare yourself to save the live of others who are dying by the thousands as we speak.

“We are more than a thousand men and women who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.   And we are here to present you with precise instructions for you to recover as well.”

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