Cure Codependency And Conquer As An Empath


The Ultimate Guide To Codependent Survival And Empath Empowerment Through Self Healing And Recovery From Narcissistic Relationships

Leanne Walters

How about while doing that, trying to deal with a significant other’s problems as well?

If you can relate to this, then keep on reading…

Relationships are designed to help us live a better, more-fruitful life filled with love and symbiotic benefits. We are meant to interact in networks of friends and family members, without losing our own distinct personality.

So, what happens when our boundaries become so blurred that we lose all sense of identity?

How do we react when we cannot filter the emotions and pain of the people we meet?

For the first three decades of my life, I was hopeless at relationships.   A natural empath, I felt all the pains of my mother’s codependent existence with my father.   At school or on the streets, I was attuned to every row and argument, and I felt small each time I witnessed them.   As I grew up, my mood was determined by the moods of others around me.   I felt happy when others were happy, and I was irretrievably sad when others around me were sad. Worst of all, I could see beyond even their masks of happiness to their innate sadness.

My daily routine was essentially a series of sad mood after sad mood.   I wanted so badly to be the hero for everyone around me, and that led me into a codependent relationship with my ex-husband.   Built upon a less-than-ideal childhood, I grew to love the feeling of being needed to clean my husband’s life up.

I became addicted to him so much that I lost who I really was.   In the process of caring for him, I forgot to take care of me.   The result was that I suffered severe mental break-downs regularly.   For two full years, I was a nervous wreck seeking appreciation and understanding from the same narcissistic people who fed off my insecurities.

It was not until I learnt to cut them off that I was able to return to being me.   I only started to enjoy myself when I went for therapy and learnt to rebuild the boundaries I had lost in my relationship.

In “Cure Codependency and Conquer as an Empath” here’s just a fraction of what you will learn:

  • What a day in the life of a true empath consists of
  • The 7 main foundations that lead us to codependent relationships later in life
  • The top 5 ways narcissistic partners seek to manipulate you to do their bidding
  • An Acid-test for knowing if your relationship is toxic or not
  • The 6 main differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • The flow of energy that allows empaths to get absorbed in other people’s emotions
  • Why Mindfulness is the way back to taking back control of your life
  • Step by step how to redraw boundaries and start the rebuilding process now
  • Why therapy is the surest path out of toxic relationships
  • How to stop feeling bad about what is essentially a superpower and focus on using your healing powers to help others without getting destroyed in the process.

And so much more.

Are you interested in limiting the effects of narcissism directed towards you?   Do you want to learn why you get absorbed in other people’s emotions and lose yourself even in strangers?   Do you want to know how to take back control of your life and love yourself every moment?

Take this chance to finally become master of your life once again!  It is the first step to learning to live for yourself!   Take it now before it’s too late.


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