Eating The Moment – 141 Mindful Practices


… To Overcome Overeating

Author: Pavel G. Somov, PH.D

Do you use food to comfort yourself when you’re feeling depressed or stressed?  Do you sometimes eat simply because you’re bored?   There are so many opportunities to snack and overeat mindlessly, it’s no wonder that most diets fail.   But mindless eating can lead to health problems, obesity, and a feeling that you’ve lost control.

Eating The Moment  offers 141 mindfulness activities to help you listen to your body, understand why you’re eating, and control your cravings if you’re eating out of habit or because of your emotions.   You won’t find any start dates, dieting tips, or meal plans in this book… just practical and meaningful exercises to help you end mindless eating and begin nourishing yourself in healthy and fulfilling ways.

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