A Buddhist Approach To Finding Release From Addictive Patterns

Author: Choni Taylor

All of us are caught up in addictions — big or small.  Enough!  presents a practical path that releases us from the grip of negative habits and addictions that block a full and meaningful life.  We can learn how to undo our habits and addictions, but to do this we have to first find their triggers.  With the right techniques, we can disarm them and learn more effective ways for dealing with the pain that so often underlies our problem-causing behaviors.  Without the support of effective methods, we are likely to return to our addictions when pain and painful issues arise.  Chönyi Taylor helps us break through that cycle, reconnect with ourselves and others, and feel more centered in our spiritual awareness.  The meditations in this book are designed to develop familiarity with states of mind that can release us from addictive patterns.

Presenting the essence of Buddhism without the jargon and fusing it with Western psychology, Chönyi Taylor engagingly combines practical exercises that were developed through her workshops with meditations and stories and presents invaluable insights about how the mind works.  Enough!  is intended for anyone who is looking for a powerful and effective way out of addiction, regardless of religious or secular background, and is suitable for self – study or as part of a guided program.