Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction


Author: Dr. Mark R. Laaser

Hope – real hope – for recovery is within reach.   This book goes beyond cliché answers and offers meaningful, spiritual, and practical steps to healing and freedom from sexual addiction or any addiction.

With today’s rampant availability of Internet pornography, sexual addiction has become a national epidemic that affects an increasing number of Christians, even pastors and priests.  As devastating as any drug habit, it brings heartbreak and despair to those it entangles.  But there is help for men and women caught in sexual addiction’s downward spiral.

This book offers a path that leads beyond compulsive thoughts and behaviors to healing and transformation.  Speaking from his own experience with sexual addiction and recovery, Dr. Mark Laaser is sensitive to the shame of sexual addiction without minimizing its sinfulness.  He traces the roots of the problem, discusses its patterns and impact, and maps out a biblical approach to self-control and sexual integrity.

Whether you know someone with a sexual addiction or struggle yourself, Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction  points the way to understanding, wholeness, and holiness.