I Once Had A Date Named Lust


Breaking Free from Sex & Love Addiction

Author: Dr. Simon Whittaker

Are you, or someone you know, on the verge of losing their spouse, family, job, or reputation because their sex life is out of control?   Do you feel imprisoned by the guilt, shame, and lies you have to keep telling because of your lust, sexual thoughts, or behavior?   If so, this book is for you!    This dynamic, life-changing book provides a road map for people seeking to escape one of the fastest growing addictions of the 21st century – sex addiction.

Sex addiction is often manifested through pornography, fornication, adultery, virtual sex/affairs, “hooking up” for sex, prostitution, escort services, or “friends with benefits.”   The principles shared in this book have helped numerous people from all walks of life: men, women, politicians, athletes, doctors, attorneys, pastors, teachers, professors, entertainers, husbands, and wives.

Within the pages of this book, you will find hope, support, and specific tools to redirect your journey toward sexual integrity, restored relationships, and freedom.   You can recover, and recovery is a great place to be!

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