Narcissism And Codependency: Stop Being A Victim


…Of Mind Control, Recognize Gaslight Effects In Narcissistic Relationships, And Heal From Emotional Abuse

Author: Robin Perkins

Some people are known to possess narcissistic-like qualities, but this is entirely different from what a true narcissist is.   A true narcissist is a master at lying, phenomenal at deception, and incredibly talented at curating codependent victims.   They are powerful.

Because a narcissist is generally slow and consistent in their approach, they are masters at tearing down other people to the point that the other person develops an addiction to the narcissist.   The narcissist is not just in love with getting attention; they are completely addicted to it.

That is the basis for their entire mental illness.   It is what drives them and what results in them masterfully playing out all of their puppeteering behaviors.

Techniques used by narcissists are explored in-depth, including gaslighting, deflecting blame onto others and building up their targets with the sole purpose of tearing them down.   There are three key stages that a narcissist will use to entrap their victims, and knowing when and how each stage begins can be vital to stopping the effects of their abuse from taking hold:

  • The use of charm and charisma in a narcissistic relationship
  • Isolation from friends, family and keeping you all to themselves
  • They will try to change you and use fear and bullying to get their way
  • When they take revenge: Dealing with narcissistic rage


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