Narcissists: Self Help Guide For Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


…and Personality Disorder and Be No More Codependent (Empath & Healing From Emotional Abuse) 

Author: Melody Casey

The casual tossing-around of the word “narcissist” has led many people to falsely believe that a narcissist is simply someone who has an inflated sense of confidence and perhaps a slightly inflated ego, too.   Unfortunately, the dictionary reinforces this belief with its description of a narcissist, stating that they are “a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.”   This is more likely to be the definition of someone who is arrogant and not someone who is narcissistic.   The reality of a narcissist is much darker than that.

In this book, you will learn to identify narcissism in its different forms and disguises.   Some forms of narcissism are open and easy to identify, while others are more covert in nature and difficult to notice.

The information provided will give you the tools and knowledge to have a greater advantage over a narcissist, and be able to decide early in the relationship whether to stay or leave:

  • How to identify a narcissist, their traits and characteristics
  • Typical phrases, comments, and wording used by narcissists
  • Understanding the mind of a narcissist and how they think and plan ahead
  • The different types of narcissism and how to identify them by specific signs and features

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