Narcissistic Abuse: A Defense Guide To Survive


… Narcissistic Abuse And Become A Thriver: How To Stop Emotional Exploitation, Assert Yourself And Take Actions

Author: Theresa Evans

In many cases, our intuition keeps telling us that something isn’t right in our relationship, but we can’t put the finger on it.  Maybe your narcissist keeps assuring you that it’s all in your head.   And since they are masters in keeping up their façade of caring, you might even have a hard time convincing your loved ones that it’s not you who lost his mind.  Sadly, it’s one of our best qualities that makes us ideal targets for narcissistic abusers which is our gift of empathy and compassion.

Narcissistic Abuse  will let give you your narcissist’s secret playbook of emotional abuse covering dark persuasion tactics, covert mind games, emotional control and much, much more and it will show you how to supply yourself and fight back against your abuser, whether it might be your partner, your boss, or even a family member.

In this book you will discover:

  • Revealing facts why they want to hurt you
  • The red flags of covert manipulation and early warning signals that you’re dealing with narcissist
  • The one personality traits that can make you the ideal prey every abuser was waiting for
  • Why you’re “hard-wired” for narcissistic abuse and deception and what you can do against it
  • Underlying patterns most abusive scenarios have in common
  • Selected exercises after each chapter to help you take action
  • The three lifecycle-phases of toxic relationships including typical warning signs in each phase
  • The hidden dynamics of narcissistic abuse they don’t want you to know – and how to cut through them
  • Insidious manipulation tactics how they always get what they want
  • Hands-on tactics against emotional abuse you can use right now (start on chapter 5 if you’re in need)
  • How to develop the one key trait every victim should know to defend against their abuser
  • Powerful techniques to supply yourself and find clarity in the mess
  • Quick fixes to get through the day and survive narcissistic abuse
  • How to become stronger by “dreaming” your way out
  • Sustainable strategies to heal from co-dependency and become a thriver

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