Death To Addiction: The Ultimate Guide To Fast Recovery


…From Food, Alcohol, Drug And Sex Problems Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle 

Author: Leanne Walters

What is the scariest thing you can think of?

For me, it was overdosing at 27 years old in my friend’s basement at the end of a decade-long battle against my addictions.   In the years leading up to this, I had been absolutely reckless towards not only the people around me, but myself and my body.   I was addicted to sex, alcohol, food and drugs.   I was a hundred pounds overweight. I underperformed at work and at home. I spent my days on a high; I was a nobody living in an empty body.   I was killing myself, yet I could not stop the rut.   I seemed to enjoy dying, in fact.   I made resolutions to quit on an almost daily basis.

My near-death experience woke me up to the realities on ground.   I was one of the lucky ones; many people get killed or fail to live thanks to their addictions.  My personal and professional experience helping addicts for the last twenty years are combined in “Death to Addiction”,  to teach you:

  • About the brain and how it gets addicted
  • How to spot a new addiction
  • Why addictions occur
  • Why you might be addicted to alcohol without knowing
  • How drugs harm you
  • How an eating addiction can grow
  • Why sex addiction is more than what happens in bed
  • The amazing benefits of healthy relationships
  • The two superpowers I used to end hundreds of people’s addictions
  • Why meditation and mindfulness are secret weapons for recovery

And more…

Putting death to my addictions by applying the strategies in this book changed my life and will do the same for you.

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