The Codependency Help Book


How To Fix A Codependent Relationship

Author: Rob Watts

  • Do you only feel happy when your partner’s needs are met?
  • In a relationship, do you think you have to sacrifice your own needs to keep peace and harmony?
  • Do you feel scared or anxious about spending time alone?
  • How often do you turn other peoples invitations down to keep your partner happy?

You are a giving person, but your own emotional needs have started to fade away in your relationship.   You put your attention on comforting your partner instead of comforting yourself.   One of your core beliefs is, “the more love I give, the more love I receive.”

Unfortunately, this is a misconception.   Losing your identity and becoming your partner creates a dysfunctional relationship that won´t last long term.   All you do is put yourself down, comparing yourself with others and losing the trust in yourself.   You live for your relationship and without your partner, you would be worthless.   If you are struggling with your self-esteem and you use all your energy to take care of your partner, you are likely to be stuck in a codependent relationship.

Sacrificing yourself causes stress and can lead to addiction, obesity and other compensation behavior patterns.   Constantly pleasing your partner is not only unhealthy and dysfunctional for your relationship, but also for yourself.   Creating and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship that can last requires some fundamental changes in yourself.    In a relationship the needs of each partner have to be equally relevant. You are there to inspire each other and grow together instead of scaring or stressing each other.   Your relationship is only supposed to last if you are loved for the unique person that you are.

In “The Codependency Help Book,”  you´ll discover:

  • What Codependency is and if you are suffering from it
  • How to turn from people pleaser to self lover
  • The Snow-ball effect that keeps you locked in your relationship and how to break the circle
  • The underlying cause of your need to take more care of others than yourself
  • The most common toxins in your relationship and how to get rid of them
  • Warning signs of stepping into a codependent relationship to never fall back into the trap
  • How to say goodbye if your relationship is expired
  • How to create a happy and fulfilling future for yourself

Take a second and ask yourself what relationship means.  This guide is very easy to follow that you will have success with it, even if you tried to break free several times before and failed.  You’ll discover tools and strategies that will give you the strength you need to feel confident instead of lonely..  It´s time to claim back your identity and make space for your own needs while still being a caring and supportive person.


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