Overcoming Addictions


The Spiritual Solution
Author: Deepak Chopra, M.D.

A growing dependency on mood-altering substances continues to be one of our society’s most alarming ills. We are addicted to all sorts of substances: food, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and drugs.

In Overcoming Addictions, Deepak Chopra, M.D., addresses this vitally important topic and guides the reader to replace addictive behavior with enduring sources of joy and spiritual fulfillment. Dr. Chopra sees the addictive person as having potential, as being a seeker, albeit a misguided one. In his view, aligning this seeker with the true object of the quest – transcendence – can have a powerful and transformative effect.

According to Dr. Chopra, many conventional forms of treatment for addiction are negative and fear-based, and therefore less likely to succeed long-term than a more uplifting approach. Dr. Chopra’s Ayurveda-based regimen enables the reader to become more attuned to the needs and benefits of the spirit, allowing the mind and body to shed destructive dependencies as they discover more satisfying alternatives.

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