Pain Recovery


How To Find Balance And Reduce Suffering From Chronic Pain

A Comprehensive Opioid-Free Approach
Authors: Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM, Frank J. Szabo Jr, LADC, Daniel Shiode, PhD, and Robert Hunter, PhD

Written by a distinguished team of authors experienced in various areas of chronic pain management and addiction treatment, this comprehensive workbook was developed for anyone struggling with chronic pain and dependence on opioids or other painkillers.

At a time when more people than ever are afflicted with chronic pain and the medical field is moving further toward the management of pain with prescription drugs, the Pain Recovery workbook offers an alternative solution for those whose lives are not working well with medications.   Pain Recovery is not just a treatment for chronic pain, but a lifestyle that encompasses the mind, body, emotions, and spirit of the individual and offers a healthy, substance-free way to live with chronic pain and minimize suffering.

The four authors offer proven techniques to reduce pain and provide lessons and exercises based on a successful, opioid-free pain rehabilitation program that has helped change the lives of many chronic pain sufferers.

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