Put Your Feelings Here – A Creative Journal


A Creative DBT Journal For Teens With Intense Emotions 

Author: Lisa M. Schab, LCSW

A fun and creative journal to help you balance your emotions, deal with difficult experiences, and just be yourself.

Life is full of reasons to feel angry, sad, scared, overwhelmed, and frustrated — and that’s okay!   If you’re like many teens, you probably have moments when you “feel all the feels,”  and it’s important to know that this is perfectly normal.   But, if your emotions feel out of control, or are getting in the way of school, relationships, and all the things you care about, this journal can help.

Put Your Feelings Here  is a safe and creative space for you to work through difficult emotions using 100 engaging and action-oriented prompts grounded in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).   With this journal, you’ll find 100 new ways to release, reduce, and manage intense emotions in the moment so you can feel balanced, calm, and happy again.   Using these fun prompts, you’ll learn how to express yourself creatively through writing, art, and more.

Emotions are a normal, healthy part of being human — and emotions can be excellent fuel for art and writing.   Let this journal be your special place for writing down your feelings, making your own rules, and expressing yourself.   Go ahead and make it yours!


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