Real Hope, True Freedom


Understanding & Coping with Sex Addiction
Authors: Milton Magness, DMin and Marsha Means, MA

Sex addiction can be profoundly difficult to face. It destroys relationships, marriages, families, and careers.   Anyone afflicted with sex addiction, as well as the people who love them, will find invaluable assistance in this essential guide that is filled with in-depth information and delivered with deep understanding and compassion.

Real Hope, True Freedom covers a wide variety of topics on sex addiction and the process of recovery.   It addresses the different manifestations of sex addiction:

  • how sex addiction impacts the brain
  • sex addiction risk factors
  • when sex addiction co-occurs with other mental health disorders
  • barriers to getting help/treatment
  • information and resources specific to the needs of the partners of sex addicts
  • the process of treatment
  • the process of recovery for both individuals and couples
  • relationship rebuilding
  • re-establishing intimacy
  • healthy sexuality
  • and relapse prevention tools and strategies.


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