Recovery Uncovered: Practical Application Of 12-Step Recovery


Author: Al Demers

The 12 steps as a program is designed to help be a roadmap for a better tomorrow.   We all struggle with hurts and pain because of broken trust which lead to broken relationships.   It doesn’t matter if our hurts come from the workplace, community organizations, neighborhoods, friends, family, or former relationships; wounds leave scars.

In dealing with our hurts and pain, we develop behavior patterns designed to protect ourselves from any further hurt.   Often times, these behaviors have devastating consequences for ourselves, our loved ones, and others.

Recovery Uncovered  will guide you through the process of healing, restoration, and character development.   The discovery and application portion will help you become the amazing human being you were destined to be.

Recovery Uncovered  is a big picture approach to growth and healing which is designed to uncover this process so there is comprehensive practical application.   Let’s work to make restoring, repairing, and rebuilding relationships a priority.

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