Relapse and the Addict


Part of Hazelden Classics for Continuing Care Series
Author: Richard Dunn

Refer to this pamphlet again and again for information about:

  • specific stages and triggers of relapse
  • 10 suggestions for what we can do if and when relapse threatens

Excerpt from the Introduction:
“In some ways, relapse is more difficult to accept and work through than was the discovery of chemical dependency. The constant threat of relapse is intimidating and unpredictable, dangling over the heads of everyone involved.  The stark reality of relapse is an obscene intrusion, like a tragic death in the family.”

Since 1949, Hazelden has been supporting people in the lifelong journey of recovery.  The pamphlets in this series extend that offering of hope and guidance by exploring core issues that often arise in the later stages of recovery – issues that can tip the balance between continued growth and relapse.

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