Riding A Straight and Twisty Road


Motorcycles, Fellowship & Personal Journeys
Author: James Hesketh

A celebration of motorcycle culture and of lives recovered from active addiction.   Before Easy Rider, there was The Wild One.  From these films sprang the indelible image of the American biker as wanton, daring, and lawless.

Seemingly dedicated only to their own freedom and pleasure, these road rebels tore through the complacency of the suburban American mid-century, with a roar that has yet to die down.  Yet something has changed.   Author and avid motorcyclist James Hesketh takes you with him on the straight and twisty’ road he’s traveled from addiction to recovery, his motorcycle with him every inch of the way.

Informative sidebars present easy-to-read historical information, interesting facts, and useful resources.   Abundant black-and-white photographs provide visual documentation of the text.

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