Spouses Of Sex Addicts


Hope For The Journey

Author: Richard Blankenship

Facing the devastation of a partner’s sexual addiction begins with feelings of grief, pain, and trauma.   Amazingly, it is a journey that can lead to hope and healing.  The trauma is massive, and the journey is difficult.

This book has been written using the stories of many spouses who have navigated their way through the darkness of the night and into the light of hope and healing.   Spouses of Sex Addicts  is a continuation of S.A.R.A.H. (Spouses of Addicts Rebuilding and Healing.)   It includes updated stories, more emphasis on healing from trauma, and information on working with children who have been exposed to sexual addiction.

“This book will be an encouragement and source of valuable information for spouses who are reeling from the reality of sexual addiction in their partners.   I’m grateful that this book is there to provide healthy, appropriate information mixed with real life stories that impart wisdom and hope; not hope in what the addict chooses to do or not do, but hope in the ability of the spouse to recover and grow in spite of the devastation of sexual addiction.” Dr. Barbara Steffens Steffens Counseling Services Co-author of Your Sexually Addicted Spouse