Step 2 – Coming to Believe


Part of Hazelden Classic Step Pamphlets Series
Revised Edition
Author: Anonymous

Step 2 – Coming to Believe is a pamphlet with personal stories which highlight Step Two issues. The author outlines the key benefits of Step 2 using a spiritual, rather than religious tone. He helps us understand the need to seek the help of others in the Fellowship.

“Step Two is important business. It’s where we begin to find or renew our relationship with a loving, guiding power we can really trust. This Step may seem especially difficult, however, the first time we encounter it, whether it comes during inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or at some other time.  But its worth our time and energy to do Step Two well, By completing the Step we become more spiritually aware, we recognize the difference between sanity and insanity, and we know a special peace. Furthermore, we learn to trust the process of recovery, and as that happens, the rest of our lives begin to fall into place.  Join us now, and begin or continue your adventure in healthy living.”

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