Taking Sexy Back


How To Own Your Sexuality And Create The Relationships You Want

Author: Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD

It is time for a new sexual revolution.  It’s time to take sexy back.

As women, we’re expected to be sexy, but not sexual.   We’re bombarded with conflicting, shame-inducing, and disempowering messages about sex, instead of being encouraged to connect with our true sexual selves.   Sexy gets reduced to a performance, leaving us with little to no space to reckon with the complexities of sexuality.   In a culture intent on telling you who and how to be, standing in your truth is revolutionary.

From relationship expert Alexandra Solomon — author of Loving Bravely Taking Sexy Back  is a groundbreaking guide to deepening your connection to yourself, honoring your desires, and cultivating authentic intimate connections.   On these pages, you’ll discover how to deepen your sexual self-awareness, and use that awareness to create experiences that not only pleasure, but elevate, expand, and heal you.   You’ll learn to understand your boundaries, communicate what feels good, and bring mindfulness and self-compassion to sex.   Most importantly, you’ll embrace your sexuality as an evolving, essential, and beautiful part of your life.

Sex is about more than what your partner enjoys or finds sexy.   It’s about more than having an orgasm or finding the “right” positions.   It’s about you.   It’s time to take your sexy back!

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