The Everything Parent’s Guide To Teenage Addiction


A Comprehensive And Supportive Reference To Help Your Child Recover From Addiction 

Authors: Edward Lynam, MD & Ellen Bowers, PhD

Professional advice for finding the right treatment for your child

If your teen or preteen is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you need to find the best treatment for your child. With The Everything Parent’s Guide to Teenage Addiction,  you’ll learn how to take an active role in helping your child on the road to recovery.  With this invaluable resource, you will begin to understand the complex nature and scope of teen addiction, and learn to:

  • Recognize warning signs
  • Identify symptoms and causes
  • Choose appropriate treatment
  • Discuss your child’s addiction openly
  • Avoid the chance of relapse

Featuring healthy and attainable recovery solutions for any situation, including alternative recovery therapies, this companion will be your guide as you help your child, rebuild your relationship, and heal the damage caused by addiction.

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