The Golden Book of Passion


Author: Father John Doe

“Ask the average person today what is passion, and it is about a hundred to one chance that he will connect sex in some way with his description.  In fact we believe that most people would tell you that a “passionate person” is one who tends very much toward sexual indulgence in any or all of its vagaries.  Although actually we know that there are many passions in men: love, hate, fear, etc., etc.

St Thomas is a very clear manner and in a very philosophical and theological treatise enumerates them all and analyzes each of them.”

Hazelden is extremely proud to once again offer this early classic recovery series. The Golden Books series is composed of fourteen booklets written by the late Father Ralph Pfau, known originally as Father “John Doe” who was an immensely popular lecturer and author. These treasured booklets offer thoughtful, positive advice on almost every human experience.  Helpful in examining character defects or in exploring the realm of spirituality, these booklets are firmly grounded in the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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