The Golden Book of Principles


Author: Father John Doe

Excerpt (in reference to “we practice these principles in all our affairs”:
“It is the reason behind the success of the few who achieve the “top” in any profession.  It is behind those very, very few who STAY at the “top” – who remain “masters” in their field of endeavor.  And do you know something?  It is the same almost startling truth that is behind those who achieve and maintain mastery in AA – not masters of drinking, but masters of sobriety – which means maintaining complete, total sobriety under every circumstances and in any and every situation.

It is the truth behind those few in AA who achieve and maintain sobriety and happiness and peace of mind in spite of the changing vicissitudes of life and in the face of any and all obstacles.  It is the truth behind those many who have now gone from AA through the portal of death – sober and happy, and courageously meeting the final curtain call.  Not necessarily perfection; but mastery.”

Hazelden is extremely proud to once again offer this early classic recovery series. The Golden Books series is composed of fourteen booklets written by the late Father Ralph Pfau, known originally as Father “John Doe” who was an immensely popular lecturer and author.  These treasured booklets offer thoughtful, positive advice on almost every human experience.  Helpful in examining character defects or in exploring the realm of spirituality, these booklets are firmly grounded in the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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