The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program


All-Natural, Simple Solutions That Eliminate Food Cravings, Build Energy, Enhance Mental Focus, Heal Depression 

Author:  Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD., Addictive Nutrition

Building on the science of nutrition that she outlined in her bestselling book, Potatoes Not Prozac, Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons now presents the first complete, in-depth dietary plan for living with–and healing–sugar sensitivity.   She explains exactly how you can free your mind and body from the tyranny of sugar and shake off the exhaustion, mental fogginess, and mood swings that sugar dependence causes.   Revealing the various ways sugar addiction affects both men and women, and the unique methods for healing it, Dr. DesMaisons encourages you to custom-tailor her simple program to fit your lifestyle and includes information on

  • How to integrate a “slow-carbs not low-carbs” strategy into your diet
  • Why regular protein is essential and how to get it with every meal
  • What to eat when a sugar craving strikes
  • How to get the nutrition you need on the run–even at fast-food restaurants
  • How to find an exercise program you’ll enjoy
  • Ten breakfasts you can prepare in a flash
  • Menus and recipes for every lifestyle and taste

Practical, hands-on, and reader friendly,  The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program  will transform your life by helping you eat right–starting today!

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