The User’s Guide To The Human Mind


Why Our Brains Make Us Unhappy, Anxious, And Neurotic And What We Can Do About It

Author: Shawn T. Smith, PsyD

Your mind is not built to make you happy; it’s built to help you survive.   So far, it’s done a great job!   But in the process, it may have developed some bad habits, like avoiding new experiences or scrounging around for problems where none exist.   Is it any wonder that worry, bad moods, and self-critical thoughts so often get in the way of enjoying life?

Based in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), The User’s Guide to the Human Mind  is a road map to the puzzling inner workings of the human mind, replete with exercises for overriding the mind’s natural impulses toward worry, self-criticism, and fear, and helpful tips for acting in the service of your values and emotional well-being — even when your mind has other plans.

  • Find out how your mind tries to limit your behavior and your potential
  • Discover how pessimism functions as your mind’s error management system
  • Learn why you shouldn’t believe everything you think
  • Overrule your thoughts and feelings and take charge of your mind and your life

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