When Someone You Love Gambles


Revised Edition
Author: Mary Heineman, MSW, CAC

Information and support for family members, friends, and concerned others.  An overview of how compulsive gambling effects those who are close to a gambler.  Topics include the three phases of compulsive gambling – Winning, Losing, and the Desperate Phase, how to recognize the phases, and where to find help.

“Compulsive gambling is a progressive disease in which its victims pass through three specific phases – winning, losing and desperation.  Family members and friends of compulsive gamblers proceed through similar phases as they are affected by this illness…If you believe someone you care about is gambling compulsively, this pamphlet may help.  Although yo can see what the gambling is doing to the afflicted, it may be more difficult to see what this disease is doing to you.  Only through identifying and learning how compulsive gambling affects you can you break through the denial and get the support you need.”

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