Young & Sober – In AA


Stories From AA Grapevine

In this collection of Grapevine stories about the joys and challenges of getting sober at an early age, AA members talk about recognizing their disease even though their drinking may have only lasted a few years.

Written by members who got sober in their teens, 20s and 30s, the articles in this book are about members who got sober as young as 14, growing up young in AA, finding ways to connect when feeling different, getting involved in service and learning how to live a sober life joyously.

From the young alcoholic for whom drinking once represented “the relief I’d been looking for,” to the college graduate who feels “a part of something for the first time,” when introduced to the AA community, this book speaks to the growing number of young people who have found a sense of belonging and hope in AA.

An instructive and inspiring read for family, counselors and healthcare providers alike and captures the experience of what it’s like for a young person to live with addiction and go through recovery.

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