Anger Management Activities For Kids: 50+ Exercises


… for Understanding Feelings, Staying Calm, and Managing Strong Emotions 

Author: Holly Forman-Patel, MA, LMFT, LPCC

Stand up to your angry feelings ― 50+ fun, anger management activities for kids ages 5 to 7

Everyone gets angry, and that’s OK―it’s how you express your angry feelings that really matters.  Anger Management Activities for Kids  is filled with more than 50 engaging exercises to help you understand and manage your anger so you can express yourself safely, without hurting others or yourself.

Discover enjoyable activities that illustrate where anger comes from, what it feels like, how to show your feelings, how to tame your temper, and even how to understand and help other people when they’re angry.   With this workbook about anger management for kids, you’ll use your imagination, have fun, and get creative as you learn how to show your anger who’s boss!

This book about anger management for kids includes:

  • A mix of activities ― In this fun book about anger management for kids, you can explore different ways to conquer your anger with awesome exercises like drawing, writing, thinking, and moving your body.
  • Other kids’ stories ― Read about kids’ experiences with angry feelings so you can see how others deal with the same feelings you have.
  • Become an anger detective ―This book about anger management for kids will help you learn the clues that tell you when anger is in your body, where it’s coming from, and how to get it out in ways that are safe.


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