God And Starbucks (Hardcover)


An NBA Superstar’s Journey Through Addiction and Recovery
Authors: Vin Baker and Joe Layden

Sixteen years ago, Vin Baker was an NBA All-Star, an Olympic Gold medalist, and a multimillionaire.   While he excelled on the court, Vin harbored a dark secret: a dependency on drugs and alcohol that began after the clean-cut preacher’s son turned pro.   Eventually becoming a full-blown yet functional alcoholic, Vin convinced himself he played better under the influence — until his addiction cost him his basketball career, his fortune, and his health.

But Vin’s story isn’t a tragic fall from grace. It is a joyous tale of salvation.   For Vin, hitting rock bottom was a difficult yet transformative experience that led him to renew his relationship with God and embrace life in a rich and fulfilling new way.   Today the manager of a Starbucks and a youth minister, Vin has found more security and happiness in his ordinary working life than in all his years in the glamorous world of professional basketball.

God and Starbucks  is a wise and unflinching look at the real dangers of addiction and the importance of taking charge of your life with meaning and purpose.   It’s a powerful memoir about reaching the top and beginning again from the bottom – an inspiring personal tale of humility and grace that reminds us what is truly important in our lives.

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