Meth – The Basics


Part of the Hazelden Drugs of Addiction Series
Authors: Michael J. McCann, MA, Jeanne L. Obert, MFT, MSM, Patricia Marinelli-Casey, PhD, and Richard A Rawson, PhD

Need to know the basics about methamphetamine use?  Here’s the place to begin!

Written by leaders in the field of meth research and treatment, Meth: The Basics presents the essential, latest facts about Meth:

  • how it is taken
  • how it affects the brain and body
  • stages of recovery from meth addiction
  • how to deal with triggers and cravings
  • and ways to avoid relapse.

“Despite the challenges that meth users bring to treatment, there is hope for kicking this addiction.  In this pamphlet, we’ll explore what meth is, where it comes from, how it is taken, what it does to the brain, the reasons why it is such an epidemic, and the good news about treatment.”

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