The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide


Essential Skills For Living Well In An Overstimulating World

Author: Ted Zeff, PhD.

If you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP), you’re in good company.   HSP’s make up some 20 percent of the population, individuals like you who both enjoy and wrestle with a finely tuned nervous system.   You often sense things that others ignore such as strong smells, bright lights, and the crush of crowds.   Even the presence of strangers in your immediate vicinity can cause you considerable distraction.   You already know that this condition can be a gift, but, until you learn to master your sensitive nervous system, you might be operating in a constant state of overstimulation.

As an HSP, the most important thing you can learn is how to manage your increased sensitivity to both physical and emotional stimulation.   This accessible, practical guide contains strategies to help you master this critical skill.   Build your coping skills by exploring the books engaging exercises.   Then, keep the book by your side, a constant companion as you make your way through your vibrant and highly stimulating world.

  • Find out what it means to be a highly sensitive person
  • Take the self-examination quiz and find out whether you are highly sensitive
  • Learn coping techniques indispensable to HSP’s
  • Discover how to manage distractions like noise and time pressure at home and at work
  • Reduce sensory-provoked tension with meditation and deep relaxation techniques
  • Navigate the challenges of interacting with others in social and intimate relationships