The Truth Begins with You


Reflections To Heal Your Spirit
Author: Claudia Black, PhD

Reflections to Heal Your Spirit is a beautiful gift for oneself or others.  This book will help open the window and let in the light that will guide readers to finding inner strength, wisdom, and serenity.   It is an inspiring collection of healing messages that offer comfort and encouragement, and serenity and hope to anyone who has survived a painful childhood or traumatic event in their lives, including addiction, whether their own or that of a loved one.

Touching on issues such as trust, denial, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and faith, with many messages illuminated by a vibrant, evocative illustrations created by Las Vegas artist Lynne Adamson, a well-known designer and painter.

Paired with Claudia Black’s transformative insights, these illustrations provide a moment for daily reflection, allowing the deeper truth of the words on the page to take root in the reader’s consciousness.